Imran Yusuf: Saint, Sinner, Sufi

Imran Yusuf, a truly unique voice in the world of comedy, bring his show 'Saint, Sinner, Sufi' to The Stand Edinburgh Fringe.

Imran Yusuf: Saint, Sinner, Sufi

About Imran Yusuf: Saint, Sinner, Sufi

Imran Yusuf became the very first comedian to achieve the Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nomination from the Free Festival in 2010 and the champion of the egalitarian revolution of the free scene. Now you can see him in a paid venue like the plush capitalist he really is.

Everyone is offended, everyone is a victim, no one is happy. Having made a career from challenging prejudice with witty rebuttals to humanise myself to my adopted countryfolk, I became bored of the assembly line nature of profiteering from victimisation. Is the problem of society really the right-wing media? Is it really the opportunistic demagogues seeking fame and fortune from the throngs of disaffected mouth-breathing underclass ignoramuses? Or is it the wanton disregard to take ownership of my own prejudices and admit that I have been as racist, sexist and homophobic as those I accuse of discriminating against me whilst screaming “Woe is me, the pariah! I am not to blame; that is the fault of others whom serve me to overlook my own faults”.

This is a no-nonsense show deeply cognisant of the shared human experience, of taking ownership of my own hypocrisy, realising that we become who we judge and accepting the bitter-sweet truth that from our tragic history has emerged an opportunity to embrace a greater potential. The Saint is all things Godly and good, The Sinner is all things devilish and bad. Between these two impostors, delicately oscillates the wandering, wondering path of masterful surrender…

Born in Kenya of Indian descent, Imran was raised in London by a family expelled from Uganda and yet became an original voice that embodies the multi-cultural wealth of modern Britain. After making his debut to critical acclaim and an award nomination in 2010, he went on to appear on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC1), completed two nationwide tours and fronted his own TV pilot The Imran Yusuf Show (BBC3) before starring as ‘Ed’ in sitcom Fried (BBC3) that began his entry into the acting world. In 2015, Imran hosted the first ever HaLOL comedy night which celebrates the growing talent of British Muslim comedy in the UK before becoming Director of HaLOL Entertainment, a role in which he aspires to create a more accessible road for minorities in the industry and to champion a more humanizing narrative amidst the sensationalist hysteria.

Image credit: Monice Renn

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